Poetry Everywhere Participant

The Poetry/Collage Class

My friend, Nancy, sent me
An email and asked
If I wanted to take this
Class with her.

I wasn’t sure what
It was
I do love stretching 

I said, “sure” 
So we both signed up.

Much to my delight,
Zoë* knew forms of 
Poetry that I never heard
Of.  Talk about being

Each time I did an assignment,
I would start to do the work,
Thinking that I don’t know how to
Do this.

Every time, I was wrong.
I thought, what if I did this?
And I did and my friends
Are amazed at my work.

So am I.  Thank you,
Zoë and Jamie^.
Best class I have ever Taken. 
I am a poet now.  

*Zoë Bird, the Teaching Artist who led the summer 2021 Poetry Everywhere course.

^Jamie Andrews, the Teaching Artist and Technical Assistant who helped lead the summer 2021 Poetry Everywhere course. Jamie is also the executive director of PrimeLife Arts Learning.