Digital Photography Participant

I decided to register for this class because of a long time interest in photography. Years ago I had a Cannon SLR with a couple additional lenses that actually used film! A lot of years have passed and I decided that it was time to rekindle my interest. I was especially happy that it was acceptable to use an iPhone camera and that I did not need to purchase  equipment.   The instructor Ian is knowledgeable and very receptive and involved with our group( numbering about 45 participants). The class was conducted on Zoom and the format was easy to use. In a short time our group felt like a community. We learned some basic photography rules, and when it was ok to break them. I think one of the most important things I came away with, is that I view my surroundings differently and appreciate the affect lighting has on any experience. My perception of the world around me has definitely improved. Thanks to all who have worked on this project.