Poetry Everywhere: Collage, Erasure, and Found Poetry


Course Details

  • Number of Classes in Course: 3
  • Dates: January 26, February 2, and 9
  • Time: 3-4pm Eastern, 2-3pm Central, 1-2pm Mountain, 12-1pm Pacific
  • Teaching Artist: Zoë Bird

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Learn tools and techniques for mining and altering texts of all kinds to create original poems and text-based images. This fun, 3-class course is open to all, regardless of poetry experience, and will both encourage beginning writers and breathe new life into established writing practices.

Learning Objectives
  • Have fun
  • Connect with other creative people
  • Build community
  • Demonstrate that poetry is for everyone and there is no wrong way to write or experience it
  • Get people writing–and sharing their writing–in a supportive environment, regardless of experience
  • Offer writers a wealth of fun, spontaneous, accessible techniques to add to their writing
  • Notebook and writing implement
  • Old magazines, newspapers, literary journals, dictionaries, or other text sources to cut, tear up, or black/white out
  • Markers or other mark-making materials (pencils, pens, colored pencils, pastels, paints)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper to glue collages to
  • Wite-out (optional)


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash