PAL Community Agreements

Community Agreements

PrimeLife Arts Learning staff want to ensure that classes are spaces where everyone feels welcomed and respected. Creativity and art making often draw on personal experience, requiring risk taking and being vulnerable. We ask that all participants follow these community agreements.  

Be Curious, Open, and Respectful 

One microphone – Allow one speaker at a time.

Speak from your own experience – Use “I” statements rather than generalizations.

Take Space/Make Space – If you are usually quiet challenge yourself to take more space, and if you usually talk a lot be mindful to leave room for quieter voices.

Confidentiality Don’t speak for others without explicit permission, don’t share something communicated in a private or safe space.

Be conscious of intent vs. impact Despite any intention, you’re responsible for your impact on others. 

Be mindful of the diversity in this space, including differences in age, culture, race, ability and gender identity. Don’t make assumptions about people’s pronouns. Assumptions fuel disconnection. Simply use someone’s name if you are unsure about how to refer to them.

Respect the privacy of the space – Don’t share screenshots of conversations. “What is said here, stays here; however what is learned is liberated and should be shared.” IF people share personal reflections, please do not share the specifics of their stories. 

No spam – Do not use PAL email lists for non-PAL communications or solicitations.  

Unacceptable Behaviors
We want all participants to be engaged. If any one participant’s behavior does not align with these Community Agreements, any other other community agreements established for a specific course, or is generally deemed too disruptive by PAL staff, the participant will be contacted by a staff member to discuss the situation and attempt to resolve it if possible. PAL retains the right to cancel any registration  due to misconduct without refund.

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