Why Creative Aging Matters

Videos about creative aging

E.A. Michelson Philanthropy has produced many videos about the importance of Creative Aging. We’ve selected a few to share.

We are living longer and healthier lives

The U.S. is undergoing a major demographic shift, as older adults become a larger portion of the population. As people live longer and healthier lives, the perception of old age is changing, as are the capabilities, activities, and expectations of older adults. (NEA, 2015)

We need creativity in our lives

Ground-breaking research by Dr. Gene Cohen, The Creativity and Aging Study: The Impact of Professionally Conducted Programs on Older Adults (2006) demonstrated that older adults who participated in activities that emphasize creativity and skill mastery in a positive social environment, received positive psychological, physical and emotional health benefits. 

We push back against ageism

Attitudes about age—as well as race and gender—start to form in early childhood. Over a lifetime they harden into a set of truths: “just the way it is.” (This Chair Rocks, 2019) And with the current pandemic making matters worse. Social distancing, limited mobility, fixed incomes, and a youth obsessed culture, all factor into the perception that older adults cannot learn and don’t have a passion to create.

Photo by Jadson Thomas on Pexels.com

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